The Digital Network Essentials: Accelerated Membership

Aug 10, 2017

This blog post is part of a series on the Digital Network, a collaborative digital strategy committed to increasing public radio audience and impact. We are continuing to break down the five essentials that make up the Digital Network, and have so far shared publishing and distribution and presentation. For an overview of the Digital Network approach and goals, click here.

What do we mean when we say Accelerated Membership:

Unlike a broadcast listener, a digital consumer can be known on an individual level. If we design our product integrations to incorporate more individual data, we begin to identify giving opportunities as they arise, across a variety of platforms, and shorten the journey from listening to membership.

How are we already doing this: 

What are we are exploring:

  • If we adopt best practices from software organizations, like tracking identity across platforms, can we raise more revenue?
  • If we track identity across NPR platforms, can we determine how far down the path to membership listeners are, and offer stations leads that are ready to give?
  • If we work together through seasonal programs that support giving to local stations, can we improve the systems that enable us to report and measure on their effectiveness, and raise more money for stations accordingly?
  • How might we provide a path for digital sponsorship revenue, localizing and optimizing our national inventory on and NPR One? 

Expected Outcomes:

  • As NPR integrates and promotes more station content across NPR and third-party platforms, station content is consumed regularly by a wider group of people for greater engagement and membership.
  • As NPR works to provide clear and easy pathways to station membership and donations across and all NPR platforms, more listeners become donors.

We’ve now discussed three of the five Digital Network priorities: publishing, distribution and presentation, and accelerated membership. We tie this work all together with our final two priorities for the Digital Network: audience intelligence, and focused partnership and training. For each of these initiatives, we’ve built similar blog posts to outline our initial hypotheses.

We encourage you to participate in the conversation around the digital network in our DS+Friends Slack Team. For one-on-one feedback, we recommend contacting your Member Partnership representative. We look forward to many opportunities to collaborate and encourage you to provide feedback. Stay tuned for more posts where we’ll dive deeper into our work thus far.