The Digital Network Essentials: Audience Intelligence

Aug 10, 2017

This blog post is part of a series on the Digital Network, a collaborative digital strategy committed to increasing public radio audience and impact. We are continuing to break down the five essential components of the Digital Network. So far, we’ve shared posts on publishing, distribution and presentation, and accelerated membership. For an overview of the goals of the Digital Network, click here.

What do we mean when we say Audience Intelligence: 

We will continue to invest in the technologies, resources, and practices which enable us to understand more deeply who our audience is, how they interact with our content, and how can successfully move them through the value chain toward membership.

How are we already doing this: 

  • Building and optimizing our core tools, including the Station Analytics System, to measure what stations both want to know and need to know about how their audiences are engaging with their digital products.
  • Discovering and sharing insights, best practices, and training with stations.
  • Continual measurement of our audience. Our Audience Insights team regularly gauges and analyzes the behavior of our end users. 
  • Investing for improvement. Over the past year, we’ve brought in additional analytics staff to bring more actionable data to light.

What are we exploring:

  • How might we expand the scope of our data collection, and incentivize users to share data with us?
  • How might we use those data to develop audience profiles and enable experiences that deepen engagement and loyalty through personalization and relevance
  • Can we use marketing data and audience profiles to inform our development around membership and digital products? How might we track revenue trends and giving behaviors
  • How might Audience Insights continue to measure editorial content across platforms to inform our journalism and programming teams and thereby better serve our audience
  • How will we enhance the Station Analytics System to enable more data-informed decision making?

Expected Outcomes:

  • As NPR integrates and promotes more station content across NPR platforms, station content will be consumed regularly by a wider group of people, whose consumption is measured and analyzed to improve our digital products and increase membership

Audience Intelligence is a critical plank that helps inform and drive all five of our Digital Network priorities: publishing, distribution and presentation, accelerated membership, and focused partnership and training, which is the next and last topic in this introduction series to the Digital Network. We look forward to many opportunities to collaborate and encourage you to provide feedback. Stay tuned for more posts where we’ll dive deeper into our work thus far.