The Digital Network Essentials: Distribution & Presentation

Aug 10, 2017

This blog post is part of a series on the Digital Network, a collaborative digital strategy committed to increasing public radio audience and impact. We are continuing to break down the five essentials that make up the Digital Network, see our first post on publishing here. For an overview of the goals of the Digital Network, click here.

What do we mean when we say Distribution & Presentation: 

The other side of content publishing is distribution and presentation. Our audience is more distributed than ever before, and engaging with them efficiently and consistently across our collective ecosystem of products and brands is critical. Our goal here is to maximize our unique differentiator: leveraging the NPR brand and its reach while deepening the connection that audiences have with their local brands and content.

Where we’re already under way: 

  • A focused API to manage story content. Our new Content API is in active development, and we’re excited for this evolution in how we maintain and manage story content.
  • Better integrations across platforms. A key feature of our new Content API is a data and publishing spec to allow for more seamless integrations with the NPR News App, and others.
  • Exploring emerging platforms. As new platforms like smart speakers and connected cars gain traction, we’re learning how NPR and stations can engage more and more listeners in new ways. NPR One has been our leading product for exploring new forms of listening. Here’s where you can find NPR One today. 

What are we exploring:

  • By putting NPR and station-produced content on new platforms, how do we drive engagement and/or membership?
  • Where and how does content produced by third parties -- whether from within or beyond public radio -- fit within the Digital Network?

Expected Outcomes:

  • As NPR integrates and promotes more station content across NPR and third-party platforms, station content is consumed regularly by a wider group of people for greater engagement and membership. 

You may be noticing a thesis taking shape through these Digital Network priorities: through improved publishing tools, as well as more effective distribution and presentation, a broader audience can engage more deeply with a greater amount of station content. We believe that this combination can also accelerate the path to membership, which is our our next priority.

For all of these initiatives, we’ve created a similar blog post to outline our initial hypotheses. We look forward to many opportunities to collaborate and encourage you to provide feedback. Stay tuned for more posts where we’ll dive deeper into our work thus far.