The Digital Network Essentials: Focused Partnership + Training

Aug 10, 2017

This blog post is part of a series on the Digital Network, a collaborative digital strategy committed to increasing public radio audience and impact. We’ve broken down the five essentials that make up the Digital Network and shared the initial introduction to all those priorities: publishing, distribution and presentation, accelerated membership, and audience intelligence. For an overview of the Digital Network approach and goals, click here.

What do we mean when we say Focused Partnership + Training:

We have expertise in all corners of our system, and we believe that by building a Digital Network, we can help foster good strategy among peers, especially through ongoing help, training, and facilitation. As a conduit among partners, NPR is in a good position to consult and facilitate solutions around specific shared audience goals.

How are we already doing this: 

  • Bringing stations more fully into the process. We’ve been prioritizing and increasing our Station Collaborations for the discovery and development of our digital strategy and the products that serve that strategy. You may have noticed an increasing number of invites to advisory groups, pilots and betas, which we will continue as we build the Digital Network. 
  • Speeding up our issue resolution. Following on recent trends in industry practice, we’ve invested in an NPR Digital Services Support Center, and have spent the past year building hundreds of articles which enable stations to resolve their questions immediately, instead of waiting to be contacted by a representative. 
  • Regularly updating our offering from NPR Training. If you’re on the NPR Training list, you’ve seen regular updates from the NPR Training team on best practices and learnings.

What are we exploring:

  • How might NPR Digital further leverage our collective power for partnerships that benefit the network?
  • What kinds of training programs, in both format and content, might provide the most value for our station partners?
  • How might we support stations in their efforts to understand their unique digital value proposition to their local markets?
  • How might we use our collective resources and expertise to solve specific and complex problems?

Expected Outcomes:

  • As NPR integrates and promotes more station content across NPR and third-party platforms, station content is consumed regularly by a wider group of people, and stations can continue to learn and experiment with their content strategy for greater engagement and membership.

Focused partnership and training rounds out our Digital Network priorities and this introduction series. If you’ve missed any of our posts, or want to go back and revisit any, they include publishing, distribution and presentation, accelerated membership, and audience intelligence as well. 

As we’ve mentioned with all of these posts, building the Digital Network will require feedback and collaboration with our station partners. This introduction series is designed to guide our future discussions, and we’ll continue to share the progress we are making as we explore together. We highly encourage feedback; if you have thoughts and ideas to share with us, please do so through our NPRDS+Friends Slack Team, where there is a channel devoted to #digitalnetwork, or reach out to your Member Partnership representative at any time.