The Digital Network Essentials: Straightforward Publishing

Aug 10, 2017

This blog post is part of a series on the Digital Network, a collaborative digital strategy committed to increasing public radio audience and impact. We’ll be breaking down the essentials services that make up the Digital Network, starting with publishing. For an overview of the Digital Network approach and goals, click here.

What do we mean when we say Straightforward Publishing:

We aim to give stations the ability to focus on creating great content by taking away the burden of technology investment and maintenance. Once your stories are ready, you can feel confident to create once, and publish across multiple platforms with ease.

Where we’re already under way: 

  • Supporting existing workflows, while building for the future. As many of you know already, Core Publisher is an important publishing platform today, but proving to be deeply costly to maintain and far from an ideal, flexible solution for the future of content publishing. We’re unpacking what critical tools exist in Core Publisher, to build or source nimble solutions in the future. We’ve started by working with stations on a new content editor tool that is designed to be flexible enough to plug into any back-end set-up a station might have.
  • Facilitating reporting. We’ll continue to maintain Composer 2 and our SoundExchange reporting process.
  • Connecting core products. We’re improving how stations can participate in NPR One by revisiting our integrations in products like Core Publisher, StationConnect and

What are we exploring:

  • Will a centralized place for stations to manage their content and relationships with NPR across platforms streamline station workflows? Our teams are researching and scoping out a single sign-in page, which we’re tentatively calling the Partner Hub.
  • Will the new tools replace Core Publisher’s functionality? We’ll continue to measure this over time.

Our expected outcomes:

  • As NPR integrates and promotes more station content across NPR platforms, station content will be consumed regularly by a wider group of people.

Alongside publishing, we’ll also be tackling four other key digital initiatives for digital strategy. They include distribution and presentation, accelerating membership, audience intelligence, and focused partnership and training

For all of these initiatives, we’ve built a similar blog post to outline our initial hypotheses. We look forward to many opportunities to collaborate and encourage you to provide feedback. Stay tuned for more posts where we’ll dive deeper into our work thus far.