Digital Services makes PMP content available to Core Publisher and Drupal sites

Apr 8, 2015

We’re pleased to announce the availability of new integration services that support the Public Media Platform's goal of making it easier for viewers, listeners and mobile audiences to find and interact with news, cultural and educational content produced by public media. These services - new functionality within Core Publisher and a new PMP Drupal module - allow stations to access and publish PMP content to their websites.

NPR Digital Services has prepared a detailed guide to accessing PMP content and publishing it to a Core Publisher site.  Download the guide here.

We’ve also developed the PMP Drupal module that allows any station using a Drupal content management system to access and publish content from the PMP. The module is open sourced and publicly available. You can find the information for the PMP Drupal module here.

Coming this summer, Digital Services will add content ingest to both Core Publisher and the PMP Drupal module, allowing stations to add their content to the PMP for other public media groups to access.

We’d like to thank WETA, KUOW, KERA, WGBH, KBIA, WLRN, Cincinnati Public Radio, Oklahoma Public Radio, PRI and of course all at PMP for participating in the pilot that allowed us to take this step forward.  As always, please be in touch with your questions and feedback, email