Digital Services releases new versions of its NPR Story API Plugins

Jul 21, 2016

We’re happy to announce that new versions of the NPR Story API Plugin for WordPress and for Drupal have been released and are available for your use!

Why should I use the NPR Story API Plugin?

NPR Story API Plugin can be added to your WordPress or Drupal site with minimal technical expertise. This will allow you to easily:

  1. Receive content from NPR and other member stations onto your site.
  2. Send your content into the NPR Story API to share and collaborate with other stations. 
  3. Flag your stories for NPR One inclusion.

The latest versions build on the current versions by adding comprehensive documentation and making minor workflow changes that provide feedback, help debugging, and make it easier to push content to the NPR Story API.

Features in these versions:

  • There is documentation for configuring and using the plugin’s features.
  • The “Post to NPROne” checkbox is now a button, found in the same place as before on the post edit page.
  • When you are on the post edit page you can publish a story to the API.  After publishing, you will now see a message that will appear to let you know if you post was successfully published or if there was an error.

How do I get the Plugin?

The Wordpress plugin is now available on the WordPress plugin directory page and the Drupal plugin is on They have also been released as an Open Source projects where collaboration and feedback is welcomed.

For a walk through on how to install and configure the plugins, please watch the new How to Workshop Video below:

Wordpress video

Drupal video


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