Digital Services Releases WordPress Plugin V1.3

Apr 9, 2013

We at Digital Services are happy to announce that V1.3 of our WordPress plugin is now available for your use.  This latest version of the plugin will support the WordPress feature that allows administrators for a multi-site installation to install plugins from one network admin screen and have the plugin available for all of the sites supported by their single WordPress installation.  

V1.3 of this plugin is available under the main/master branch at

For a step by step walk thru on how the WordPress Plugin works, please watch the How To Workshop Video below:

Below is a brief description of the added features for V1.3

  • Multi-Site -- Seems the plugin just was not ready for multi site WordPress installations.  We've fixed the problem where the cron set up and other activation tasks will now happen on every site in a multi site configuration.
  • Permissions -- Now if you have created any NPR API Permissions Groups you can select which (if any) group you would like to use as your default group to be used when pushing content to the NPR API.  Learn more about NPR API Permissions Groups here
  • Cron queries - We won't try to query for any of the configured queries on the Get Multi page if the field isn't filled in with data.
  • Content and short codes - Instead of blindly removing all shortcodes from a story's content, we are not trying to let any plugins replace the shortcodes with HTML, and then if there are any left over shortcodes
  • Byline URL - We are now saving any links to the author of a story's bio page in the meta field npr_byline_link.  This should allow you to supply a link for any author who has a biography registered with the NPR API.

As always, if you have any questions or issues with the WordPress Plugin, please contact us at, or you can send a question to our WordPress mailing list at