Does Google Analytics Tagging Have You Puzzled?

Mar 19, 2012

Are you interested in getting started with Google Analytics, but not sure where to begin?  Using GA, but still have questions about your implementation?  Well, you aren’t alone.  In our recent webinar we covered everything from how to set up your account to how to start customizing with advanced tracking.   

The detailed 1 hour presentation includes:

  • Step one: How to Create an Account
  • How to Create Profiles in Google Analytics and why you'll need more than one
  • How to Configure Your GA Tags to get the most out of your reporting
  • Tracking across Domains and Subdomains
  • Enhancing your reports using Custom Tracking with Events
  • Custom Tracking with Custom Variables

Missed it? Have no fear! You can check out the Google Analytics Training - Tagging 101 video on