DS Support Changes to Improve Product Expertise and Responsiveness

Aug 8, 2013

Starting the week of August 5, 2013, the DS Support team is changing how we are working with the station community. Previously, each of our three support managers were regionally focused with a Station Relations Manager, handling all the setups and product & services support for a specific region.

Going forward, the Support team will now be product specialists, working in two separate teams, each focused on the adoption, support and communication around our products. This change will allow us to dedicate attention to support responsiveness and product expertise, while working to improve on-demand support resources available to stations.

The relationship with your Station Relation Managers will not be impacted with this change, and will continue to provide stations with a consistent point of contact with Digital Services while improving the overall support experience.

In continuing our partnership, we are announcing this change to our support resources to address challenges many stations have shared with us around customer support experiences through emails, conversations, and the station satisfaction survey. We appreciate and value the relationships we have developed with stations and individuals over the last two-years, and we will continue to grow and deepen those relationships going forward.

The two product support teams are:

Janeen Williamson, Sabrina Brooks, and Rakiesha Chase-Jackson bring their collective experience and expertise to Core Publisher, DS Streaming, Composer 2, API support, Events, and Jukebox.

Jeff Burke, Sara Terpeny, and Mi Tian bring their collective experience and expertise to Station Analytics, Webcast Metrics, Quick Pledge, Pulse, and Audio products.

If you need support for a product or service, what should you do?

Start by going to the new Help Center and look at our knowledge bases for answers to frequently asked questions and step-by-step how tos. You can also watch training videos for refreshers on using our products or visit the Q&A Cafe to collaborate around specific issues or opportunities.

If your issue is not urgent or critical? Submit a ticket or call 617-622-5400 during business hours. Tickets are responded to as quickly as possible with a priority around urgent issues.

Are you having an emergency anytime day or night? Call our 24x7 emergency service at 888-225-3419.