Election 2012 Resources: Live Blogging and Battleground Experiment

Oct 31, 2012

Election night is less than a week away!  Here’s a quick rundown of resources from NPR Digital Services to help you prepare for the big night online.  

Core Publisher Features – NPR Elections Blog & Live Stream Blocks

The Election Blog block will displaying updates from Mark Memmott’s live blogging of election night events for the It’s All Politics blog on Election Night.

The NPR Election Blog block has also been updated to include an optional audio player that will connect to a live stream of NPR’s election night coverage.

  • Stations can choose to display one, both, or none.
  • Available for ALL homepage types.
  • Stream block will sit above the NPR live blog block.
  • Modular Homepage users may place lead stories between the Election Blocks.
  • Live stream scheduled for Tuesday, November 6, 8 p.m. through 3 a.m., EST.
  • Live blog scheduled for Tuesday, November 6, 6 p.m., EST. through early morning of the 7th.

You can control the NPR Election Blog and Live Stream block via the “NPR Elections Blog” link in your administrative short cut bar.  Check the box next to the features you wish to display on your site, and uncheck the features when you wish to take them down.

Visit nprstations.org to get NPR's election coverage, including widgets, logos and broadcast details.

Digital Election News Coverage Tips, Guides and How Tos

In case you missed the digital news training webinars on election coverage, recordings are available online:

A Procrastinator Guide to the Elections


"Beyond November" Behind-the-Scenes of a Public Media Collaboration in St. Louis http://editorial.digitalservices.npr.org/post/12-tips-public-media-collaboration-st-louis

How to Live Blog the Elections


Cover the Election, Core Publisher Style


Coming soon! Public Media Rocks the Vote Webinar on November 8Th at 1:00pm EST:

Public Media Rocks the Vote: Checking in on Station Election Coverage Successes.  Send your coverage success stories and links to Teresa Gorman at tgorman@npr.org  or @gteresa to be considered to be included in this webinar. We will hand out virtual high-fives and talk about some lessons learned during election coverage season.

Click here to register 

Election Night Experiment: Live Blogging Local Stories of National Relevance

Election night is a national story that plays out in states around the country. We’re trying to capture that narrative through an experiment called Battleg​round -- a live blog of the election that’s made up of local station content. The editorial team at Digital Services will be aggregating stories from select stations across the country into a single live feed of local content that’s nationally relevant.

The idea behind our experiment is stations helping stations -- and sharing content more easily. We wanted to test the idea on a smaller scale before asystem-wide launch. So we’ll be working with a handful of stations toboth host and feed the live blog.

More information on the NPR Digital Services Blog: http://editorial.digitalservices.npr.org/post/election-night-experiment-live-blogging-local-stories-national-relevance

Questions or Concerns?

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