Election Night Experiment: Live Blogging Local Stories of National Relevance

Oct 29, 2012

Election night is a national story that plays out in states around the country. We’re trying to capture that narrative through an experiment called Battleground -- a live blog of the election that’s made up of local station content. The editorial team at Digital Services will be aggregating stories from select stations across the country into a single live feed of local content that’s nationally relevant.

The idea behind our experiment is stations helping stations -- and sharing content more easily. We wanted to test the idea on a smaller scale before a system-wide launch. So we’ll be working with a handful of stations to both host and feed the live blog.

Stations were selected based on significant races or initiatives that have nationwide interest. We’ll be watching swings states like Wisconsin, Todd Akin’s race in Missouri, and Washington’s Initiative 502 legalizing marijuana.

We’ll be curating content from stations’ own live blogs. We expect local threads will use images, tweets, updates and field reports from station reporters. We’ll be watching all of this, trying to build a coherent voice that gives the audience a sense of the national story.

We still have questions. Will the feed be relevant to national audiences? Does it feel too much like a mishmash of ideas? Are we adding something unique to the conversation? We'll share what we discover and hope to hear from you along the way.

We’ll be posting about the experiment on our blog before, during and after election night -- so stay tuned. And as election night nears, we will let you know how and where you can follow along.

These are the stations contributing content:

Florida – WLRN, WUSF, WFSU
Washington – KPLU
New Hampshire – NHPR
Massachusetts – WBUR
Ohio – WOSU
Missouri – St. Louis Public Radio
Michigan – Michigan Radio
Colorado – KUNC
Virginia – WAMU

We'll also rely on reporting from KERA, KCUR, Vermont Public Radio, WFPL News, Boise State Public Radio and other stations across the country. All of these stations will offer the Battleground blog on their sites on election night.

If you have questions, please contact Todd Mundt at tmundt@npr.org