Experiment and Evaluate: How One Reporter Manages Her Workflow [VIDEO]

Feb 8, 2013

KUNC Reporter Grace Hood

How does a radio reporter balance the growing demands of a digital audience? It's not unusual for KUNC reporter Grace Hood to do the following for a story:

-gather audio
-take a photograph
-write and produce the radio story
-write the web story

As you develop your digital reporting skills, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. To avoid that feeling, Grace recommends the following:

1. Experiment.
2. See what worked and what didn't work. (ex: an audio postcard didn't get as many views online as a slideshow about a special effects shop)
3. Think about ways to be more strategic with your coverage. (Just like we have coverage plans for radio, have a coverage plan for digital as well.) 

Hear more about her trials and errors in the recorded webinar below. Please note that the small text on her browser appears blurry so view accordingly.