Facts and Fiction about loyalty in station digital audience (Digital Conversion Study)

Mar 25, 2016

Over the past few years we've used our station analytics data to learn a lot about our digital audience. Recently we've been looking at the characteristics and behavior of our users over a longer timeframe through a Google tool called BigQuery. We call this endeavor our Digital Conversion Study and have previously publish our insights about donors and our insights about repeat users. Our hope is to learn how we can better serve our digital audience in ways that will allow us to grow a loyal audience for our sites, streams and apps. In our station analytics insights webinar on March 24, 2016 we shared some of what we have learned by looking at some of what we believe we know to determine how much of it was true and how much of it was not.

Fact or Fiction:  Loyal audience is engaging with our sites frequently.

FACT: We looked at the median days between visits for users who had interacted with our sites on 10 or more occasions and found that for the majority of users visits are at least weekly, the with most visiting multiple times per week.

Fact or Fiction: Loyal users are live audio streamers.

FACT: Loyal users (10+ sessions) stream in slightly more sessions than they read stories, but more than anything else they see the homepage. Since they are more likely to enter on the homepage this isn't shocking, but it does give us clues about how to adapt our homepages and streaming experiences to satisfy the needs of these frequent visitors.

Fact or Fiction: Deeper first session engagement will help us build loyal audience.

FACT: One more click can make the difference. Users who become loyal site audience are far less likely to bounce in their initial site exposure. Keeping a new user on the site for one more story, segment or page can mean are better chance at creating a new loyal site users.

Interested in learning more of the facts and fiction about loyal audience? You can see the webinar video and the full slide deck on nprstations.org