Five great ways to use custom dimensions to get better information out of Google Analytics

Dec 21, 2015

On the December Station Analytics Insights call we talked about our recent upgrade to the newest version of Google Analytics, Universal Analytics.  One of the key benefits of the transition was the ability to store additional data in Custom Dimensions.  Custom dimensions are used to collect and analyze data that isn’t automatically tracked by Google Analytics and they replace Custom Variables that were used in the previous version of the tracking code. This new information will allow us to answer lots of interesting questions - on the webinar we walked through the following examples:

  • Are my top stories all stories that were published recently?
  • What type of content drives the most traffic on my website?
  • How do I see a list of the top programs in a dashboard?
  • How do users who see support pages interact with my site? What other content do they use? 

If you missed the call you can watch the webinar recording for step by step example of how the custom dimensions can be used to learn more about your station audience. Log in the to view the video or download the slides.

To learn more about the types of information we're tracking in our custom dimensions you can read about How to set Google Analytics custom dimensions using meta tags and Station Analytics.