Frequently Asked Questions: Chartbeat

Sep 10, 2012

What reporting does the Station Analytics Service include?

Our Analytics Service provides the business intelligence you need to answer key questions. There are three components to the service; all provided under your DS fees:

Webcast Metrics


Website Reporting

Learn more about the station analytics service.

What are the benefits of Chartbeat?

Chartbeat is a real-time dashboard showing who's on your site right now and what content they're looking at. It's addictive and easy to use for getting minute-by-minute insights.  Learn more about Chartbeat.

How do I sign up for Chartbeat?

If you’re using Core Publisher, we may have already enabled that for you! If not, your Station Support Manager can take care of that for you.  If you’re not on Core Publisher or you have other sites, you’ll need to add a little bit of code to your site.  Let us know at so we can provide the code and activate the dashboard.

How do I get a Chartbeat login?

To request a Chartbeat login for your station please contact your Station Support Manager.  For ease of administration, we ask that each station use a common login for Chartbeat, typically something like or

Where do I find my Chartbeat data?

Your url for Chartbeat will look a lot like the one below, but instead of enter your station’s website domain.