Frequently Asked Questions: Triton Webcast Metrics (WCM)

Sep 10, 2012

What reporting does the Station Analytics Service include?

Our Analytics Service provides the business intelligence you need to answer key questions. There are three components to the service; all provided under your DS fees:

Webcast Metrics


Website Reporting

Learn more about the station analytics service.

What are the benefits for Triton Webcast Metrics?

Triton Webcast Metrics is the tool to measure and compare your streams to those of other stations in web and traditional radio metrics. Learn moreabout Webcast Metrics and the analytics service.

How do I sign up for Triton Webcast Metrics?

Please contact your Station Relations Manager so they can start the process.

But wait! Where do I ask questions about my unique situation for implementing Triton Webcast Metrics?

Due to the complexities and variations in streaming implementations it is difficult to speak in generalities about Triton implementation. We ask instead that you complete the sign up form with the specific details of your station so that a qualified Triton engineer can review and contact you if they have any questions. This process can take time depending on your situation, so we thank you for your patience and understanding.

I signed up for Triton Webcast Metrics; where do I go to get that data?

Triton reporting can be accessed at If you don’t know your login info, try using the “lost password” link.  If you need a login please email us.  

I have a Triton Login, but I’m not seeing the data that I expect in Triton Webcast Metrics; what do I do?

Please contact Triton support directly so that they can help you to correct the problem at

I have other questions about the Station Analytics Service: Contact us by email.