Frequently Asked Questions: Website Reporting

Sep 10, 2012

What reporting does the Station Analytics Service include?

Our Analytics Service provides the business intelligence you need to answer key questions. There are three components to the service; all provided under your DS fees:

Webcast Metrics


Website Reporting


Learn more about the station analytics service.

How do I sign up for Website Reporting?

Complete the six step sign up process at  Helpful instructions are posted here.

How do I grant Digital Services access to my Google Analytics account?

Sign in to your Google account and click to “admin” by using the link in the upper right of the menu bar.  Select the “Users” tab, then click “Create User” enter select administrator and save.  You must complete this step in order for us to be able to provide reporting and to be able to upgrade your account to GA Premium.

What if I don’t know how to login to my GA account?

Unfortunately, Google doesn’t offer a way to recover a GA account.  You’ll need to work with the person who set up the account to gain access to your data.  If you can’t do that, you will need to set up a new account and change the tagging on your site to the new account.

What reports will I get from the Analytics Service?

Currently the service provides monthly website reporting. Reports are designed to focus on the most important success metrics for station sites.  A rollup report is provided in the same format to allow for side-by-side comparison to station averages and aggregates.  In addition to the report, the Monthly Metrics Review call walks through the reporting and takes a deep dive into the details of test results, insights and best practice. 

What are the benefits of Google Analytics Premium?

As part of the Analytics Service, we can upgrade your existing Google Analytics account to Premium. This is particularly valuable for larger stations with more site traffic, because the benefits of Premium are primarily related to expanded data capacity and freshness.  Google Analytics Premium includes unsampled reporting, additional data and additional custom variables. Learn moreabout GA Premium and the analytics service.

How do I get my station on Google Analytics Premium?

Google Premium requires no changes on your end, but it does require a Google employee to make a change to the settings on your account.  We request these changes monthly and will submit your station if your situation would benefit from the additional capacity granted by Premium Access.

How do I know if my station is on Google Analytics Premium?

Google Premium doesn’t actually look different from the standard interface.  To confirm you have GA Premium run any report then click on the export menu.  If you see “unsampled report” as an option then you are using GA Premium.

Why doesn’t my station get Google Premium? Isn’t ‘Premium’ better than the free version?

The primary benefit of GA Premium is the ability to store and quickly process large amounts of data.  Not all stations have enough traffic to meet the minimum level of traffic where these benefits would appear.  In fact, most stations don’t realize when they have been switched over because the interface does not visibly change.