Getting Started with on-demand audio measurement in the Station Analytics System

Jan 15, 2015

On Demand audio measurement works very similarly to webcast measurement.

We need to access your logs to process them for On Demand metrics, via a FTP account where we can download the logs nightly. Please note these are not the same logs used for SoundExchange reporting nor live streaming measurement - these are on-demand specific files.

You may need to contact your server provider or Content Delivery Network (CDN) in order to get this information. The CDN provider will need to give you hostname, username, password, and directory path for the log files. When you talk to your CDN provider, make sure that they know the following information, and agree to follow these directions for your log files:

  1. The logs should be in the directory path you provided.
  2. Only relevant log files to On Demand audio should be in that directory.
  3. The log files should be rotated daily (meaning a new log file created for each day) so that when NPR downloads the logs every night, we are only downloading new data.

The best format to use for the log files would be something similar to the Common Log Format, but any space or tab delimited log file will work as long as it has the following required fields (in no particular order):

* Client ip address
* Date file was accessed
* Path to the downloaded file
* Bytes downloaded
* User agent
* Referrer

If multiple sites are using the same log file (using the same media server), there must be something in the logs to differentiate them. This can be either a unique value in the download file path or a new field (for example “site1” vs. “site2”).

Additional information:
We also need to know the domain name of the site that is serving the files (for example,
If any of the above information is missing or formatting is incorrect, NPR will not be able to process your logs and display On Demand metrics for your site.

How to get started:
1) Log into the Station Analytics System
2) Select the “Set up” tab on the top navigation
3) On the left hand navigation select “On Demand” and then “Enter FTP Credentials

4) Click on the wrench icon next to your station name
5) Fill in the required information and include a primary contact for on-demand files and workflow
6) Save changes
7) Using the left navigation select “On Demand” and then “Upload Sample Log File
8) Click on the wrench icon for your station
9) Click the “add” button
10) Browse on your local computer to a sample on-demand audio file.
11) Click the “add” button

Once this is complete we'll be notified and start work on building a parser for the log files you submitted. Make sure the on demand logs rotate daily during this time.

We will send the contact listed above a note when the parser is set up and measurement has begun.

If you run into trouble,  you can browse the analytics knowledgebase or email us at and we can help with your specific situation.