Google Analytics Adds Demographic Data

Apr 24, 2014

Demographics overview from Google Analytics

In late 2013 Google Analytics added demographic information to its capabilities, allowing reports to be viewed and segmented by user characteristics like age and gender.  This information comes through the use of Google's ad network tagging and it determined using a combination of estimates based online behavioral data or Google+ information when it is available.  The results can be informative but are also limited.  

In late January  this functional was added to the Station Analytics System tags, but in order to use the new reports you'll need to update your privacy policy and then enable the reports in the Google Analytics admin section.  Select the property you want to enable then click "property settings"; under "display advertiser features" enable Demographics and interests reports.  You can skip validation.

For detailed instructions and an overview of the new demographic information please click here or view the January Station Analytics Service Insights Webinar on