Google Analytics: Rollup Account Tips and Tricks

May 9, 2013

If you have decided to take advantage of the station roll-up feature in the the Station Analytics System (SAS) here are some helpful hints on how to create and setup the web property in Google Analytics.

Login to your Google Analytics account and click into the Admin section. Once in your account you will see your current properties in the first tab.  You'll want to click +New Property to get started.

Click on New Property to add a new web property for your Station roll up.

Be sure to select "Classic Analytics" before you move on.  The next step is to give your new roll up a name usualy something like "Station WXYZ rollup" or "Public Media for Boston Rollup" will do the trick.  The hard part is that Google will ask you to list a single URL in the next field try using your largest site or the one you like the best.  An incorrect URL here will only cause a few small issues so don't be afraid.

Now you will see the tracking tab.  All you need to do is copy the web property ID that looks like UA-xxxxx-yy and add that to Station Analytics.  Before you leave GA admin there is one more helpful thing to do.  You can create a filter so that your URLs will contain the hostname and the URI.  This makes it easy to tell in your roll up report which sites are hosting the content.

Go into the new property and click on the "Filters" tab. Then click the button to add a new filter.  Set up the filter following the steps you see below.  Click "Save" and then you are done.

Steps to create a Hosted URI filter

Now your roll up report will be super charged.