Here's How Michigan Radio Developed Its Digital Workflow [VIDEO]

Feb 8, 2013

A snapshot of Michigan Radio's Whiteboard, which the newsroom uses to stay organized.

When word comes from on high that reporters and producers need to focus more on digital, the first thought is often, "When am I going to have time for that?" No one wants to do more work, right?

Well, it's not about more work. Instead it's about adapting stories to different formats.  We interviewed Mark Brush, a Senior Producer at Michigan Radio, about how he developed best practices for a digital workflow. 

Mark is full of great ideas for getting radio-focused reporters excited about online storytelling. His three keys are:

1. Everybody is a web guy. That means everyone at the station needs to play some part in the website.
2. Communicate on all channels. Use Google docs to keep track of schedules, hold daily news meetings, use chat, email and social media so that all reporters and editors are on the same page.
3. Give you audience a seat at the table. You can't always provide context for a story on-air, but you can online. And don't be afraid to interact with your audience in the comments, on Twitter or on Facebook. Let your audience help you report stories. If there are two elements that help with digital success, it's being transparent and providing context. Your audience can help with both.


Workflow with Mark Brush (Feb 5 2013) from NPR Digital Services on Vimeo.