How to add your content: Podcasts

Jul 6, 2014

Podcasts in NPR One are intended to be long-form, searchable content such as ongoing shows, series, or podcasts that have a recognizable title and identity. They don’t have to be daily or weekly, but this is where you place ongoing recurring shows, long form segments, etc. 

For Core Publisher users:

Reminder: only your primary (1st) piece of audio in your post will be sent to your podcast URL. 

When adding podcast links from Core Publisher for NPR One, we recommend using your program podcast links instead of your standard topic and category podcast links, because program posts  have a recognizable identity in a way that your standard topic and category podcast links don’t. It is likely you will want to enter pieces from topic and category pages as segmented content, not podcasts. 

Set Up Instructions

Adding A New Podcasts

1) Log into

2) Locate the podcast area on the right hand side of the screen.

3)  Click the "Add New" button. 

4) First, enter your the full podcast URL (including the http://) in the "Podcast RSS Feed" field.  Please be sure that your Podcast RSS feed contains your logo and iTunes category. NPR One and the NPR Podcast Directory will retrieve your podcast logo and iTunes category directly from your RSS feed. 

5) Next you'll see "Station:", click the dropdown menu to locate the station you would like associated with this podcast.

6) Next, enter your "Title:".

7) "iTunes ID:" this is an optional field. If you have submitted your podcast to iTunes, you recevied an iTunes ID. Please enter it here.

8) Click "Save changes."

Editing/Deleting An Existing Podcast

1) Log into

2) Locate the podcast area on the right hand side of the screen.

3)  You'll see a "Search:" field, enter your podcast title.

4) Click on the appropriate title when it appears.

5) Make any necessary changes.

6) Scroll to the bottom and select "Save changes" or "Delete podcast."

Having trouble?

Contact Station Relations via email at