How To Create Audio For Social Media [VIDEO]

Sep 10, 2014

Audio stories are full of interesting moments, but we rarely see those moments shared widely on social media. In a webinar on September 11, 2014, we talked about how NPR Digital Services and stations are experimenting to create shareable sound. We also heard from Nashville Public Radio's Mack Linebaugh and Emily Siner about how their newsroom creates social audio.

Watch the webinar below:

How can we get more ears on audio?
Credit Russ Gossett

Want to learn more about how we're experimenting with social audio? Read this piece from February on the project.

Nashville's social audio

Here are some examples of social audio created by Nashville Public Radio:

Listen: Can You Hear The Difference Between A $275 and $100,000 Guitar? (Nashville Public Radio)

Gay Rights In Tennessee, Explained In One Minute (Nashville Public Radio)

Listen: What It’s Like To Be A Bouncer At One Of Nashville’s Busiest Honky-Tonks (Nashville Public Radio)

Listen As Radio Reporters Try To Tolerate Nashville Hot Chicken (Nashville Public Radio)

Listen Closely To This Child Singing, Because She’s Actually An Adult (Nashville Public Radio)

Social audio examples from other stations

Earlier this year we partnered with six stations to experiment with different types of social audio stories. Here's a selection from the project.

How to Sound Like You're From Austin (in 90 Seconds) (KUT)

Listen: A Quick Breakdown Of What Happens To Boston In The Summer (WBUR)

Listen: This Doctor Tried To Save A Boy With The Ebola Virus (WUNC)

Listen Closely: There's Something Hidden in This Hummingbird's Chirp (WNPR)

Listen: The Worst Yelp Reviews of Barton Springs and Mount Bonnell (KUT)