How does KQED use Membership Leads to extend engagement with new listeners?

Sep 5, 2017

This is a guest blog post from our friend Michele Murphy at KQED who has had initial success with her Membership Leads email marketing campaigns and is expanding them in the near future. Take a peek at her plans below, and get more detail by viewing the recorded analytics webinar here.

NPR One just celebrated three years connecting listeners to stories, podcasts, and their home stations. KQED has taken this connection to the next level with a targeted three piece welcome series to our new leads generated via NPR One. Helping our listeners localize their experience further is the primary call to action with local content podcasts being the first thing put before them. Given that they’ve already indicated a channel preference, KQED seeks to connect them with locally produced content that we feel may be of interest. A second call to action is to subscribe to a monthly “best of” newsletter - a way to stay abreast of local content with a fairly light time commitment. We’re about to test a single message “series” and look forward to sharing results.

KQED has also started folding our NPR One leads into our digital fundraising program and are pleased with what they’ve shown us so far.  Our initial findings show them to be strong leads with higher response rate and average gifts than lapsed donors who received the same message. We recognize that the time has come to be strategic in how we cultivate and solicit this valuable group and are working them into our FY18 plans as a unique segment in certain solicitations, and will be tracking them as a cohort throughout the year.

There are also findings of audience engagement with KQED’s educational news property Mind/Shift which was the focus of a KQED Lab project earlier this year. A few key takeaways included learning that our newsletter and social audiences do not overlap nearly as much as we thought they did, prototyping of new “products” (mid-week shorter form newsletter, educator series and webinars to name a few) elicited great feedback that has given the Mind/Shift team some guidance as they prioritize their new initiatives for the year ahead.

In the August analytics webinar, we shared some specific findings from our Mind/Shift work, and look forward to sharing additional results in the near future with the station community. Watch the full analytics webinar here.