How Drupal-Based Stations Can Now Get NPR API Benefits

May 21, 2012

NPR Digital Services built our flagship Core Publisher product on Drupal 7. Core Publisher provides a streamlined publishing experience for local station news content that allows a station's end users to consume content on the web and on mobile devices.

In the spirit of Create Once, Publish Everywhere (COPE), Core Publisher uses the NPR API as a master content repository for station content, thereby allowing stations to both present their content in a variety of channels and to mix national NPR content with their locally produced news.

Today, NPR Digital Services is pleased to announce the 1.0 release of a set of Drupal 7 Modules that support the NPR API.

These modules enable stations with custom built, Drupal-based web products to get the same benefits from the NPR API that are present in Core Publisher. Stations can push their content to the NPR API for both consumption in their other digital products and for content sharing with affiliated stations. Stations can also pull national and station content from the NPR API.

The NPR project includes 5 separate modules:

  1. The npr_pull module allows a Drupal site builder to pull down NPR API stories and turn them into local drupal nodes, either in an ad-hoc fashion, or via a regular schedule.
  2. The npr_api module makes NPR API calls much easier, and provides a good starting point for the advanced drupal developer to build custom modules.
  3. The npr_push module allows a site builder to take locally created stories and push them up to the NPR API. 
  4. The npr_fields module creates custom fields that are useful in mapping drupal data to/from NPR API data.
  5. The npr_story module leverages the npr_fields module, creating a drupal content type, geared for NPR API pull calls.

To begin using the modules, stations should request a station-level NPR API key by contacting Digital Services. All users of the NPR API must abide by the NPR API terms of service.

If you're a developer on Drupal that needs access to the NPR API, please join our project community, provide feedback, and help out!