How KQED is Reaching New Audiences With Pop Culture Coverage [VIDEO]

May 2, 2013

KQED Pop critically examines the social and cultural impact of music, movies, television, advertisements, fashion, the internet and more.
Credit courtesy KQED Pop

Is there a place for pop culture in public media arts and culture coverage? Can public media reach new and younger audiences?

Mash those two questions together, and you'll get KQED Pop. KQED Pop is exploring topics that we don't normally see on the traditional arts and culture beat - from race and the Kardashians to the psychology of unfriending someone on Facebook

There's a lot to be learned from KQED Pop about developing new ideas within a station, using voice in writing,  and reaching audiences where they are online (and off). Co-founder Lizzy Acker and Tina Barseghian shared thoughts about that and more on May 9 in a webinar. Watch a recording of the webinar below, and stay tuned for a blog post following up on some of the key points Acker and Barseghian had.

Reaching New Audiences By Covering Pop Culture, Public Media Style from NPR Digital Services on Vimeo.

This webinar is part of an occasional series where we'll explore how reporters and stations can reach new audiences and cover arts and culture in different ways with online tools and out-of-the-box thinking. Check out exploring arts and culture through digital storytelling for more.