How KUNC Found Digital Success with a Small Staff [VIDEO]

Oct 19, 2012

It's perfectly natural to feel overwhelmed about how to add a digital focus to your workday (at first). But once you figure out the best workflow for your staff, you can be successful no matter how many people are in your newsroom. KUNC is a great example of a small station that has efficiently deployed it's limited newsroom resources in the digital world. The result? They've built a very successful digital footprint. Jim Hill, the Digital Manager for KUNC, talked with us about how he organizes reporters, finds supplemental content, updates posts and runs a website that is killing it with traffic. 

We cover ways to make the internet work for you, the advantages of live blogging, how to cover ongoing news events and what happens when your radio signal goes down. Okay, we'll give you the spoiler to that last bit: you go online, of course.


Jim Hill KUNC (Oct 16 2012) from NPR Digital Services on Vimeo.