How the NPR-Knight Twitter Contest Works

Nov 8, 2012

This post was updated March 27 with Winter 2013 #NPRKnight winners.

Welcome to the NPR-Knight training Twitter contest!

Twitter can be a great tool for journalists and we believe Twitter is best learned by doing. The purpose of this contest is simple -- so you can learn the value and best practices of Twitter by actively using it. The contest (and the sweet prizes) is a way to make it fun and a just a tad competitive. 

Never Used Twitter?

Don't worry -- that's why we are holding this contest. We're here to answer any questions. Email them or tweet them with the hashtag #NPRKnight. Learn some "Twitter 101" tips here.

Use Your Individual Twitter Account

By "individual" we mean the Twitter account that is tied to you specifically, not your station or show account.

Re-tweets Don't Count Toward Contest

We aren't saying "Don't re-tweet." Re-tweeting is a useful, quick and easy way to pass on information someone else has already put out there. But for the purposes of this contest, we want to focus on the tweets that you compose on your own.


Yes, there are real prizes for those of you who tweet the most over the next three weeks. Here's how prizes are awarded:

Gold: The individual who tweets the most over the three week period.

Silver: The individual who tweets the second-most over the three week period.

Bronze: The individual who tweets the third-most over the three week period.

Winners From Winter 2013

Gold: Bruce Warren, WXPN (@somevelvetblog),  400 tweets.

Silver: Dan Rodricks, WYPR (@DanRodricks), 396 tweets. 

Bronze: Karen Feagins, WJCT (@KarenFeagins),  248 tweets. 

Honorable Mention:

Melissa Ross,  WJCT (@MelissainJax), for finding sources on Twitter and 'hosting' online and on-air. 

Marci Krivonen, Aspen Public Radio (@MarciKrivonen), for curating her beat and staying tuned in to her local community on Twitter.

Winners From Fall 2012

Gold: Jason Saul, WWNO (@jasonmsaul),  872 tweets.

Silver: Daniel Rivero, WLRN (@toomuchme), 254 tweets. 

Bronze: Phil Latzman, WLRN (@phillatzman), 155 tweets. 

Winners From Spring 2012

Gold: Laura Ellis, WFPL (@funambulator), 184 tweets.

Silver: Erica Peterson, WFPL (@ericampeterson), 139 tweets. 

Bronze: Kirk Siegler, KUNC (@KirkSiegler), 133 tweets.