How the #NPRKnight Twitter Contest Works

Jul 2, 2013

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Twitter is best learned by doing. The purpose of this contest is simple -- so you can learn the value and best practices of Twitter by actively using it. The contest and resulting prize is a way to make it fun and  just a tad competitive.

(Don't miss the whole guide to social media training)

Here's how it works:

How to Win the #NPRKnight Twitter Contest

1) Tweet at least once during the #NPRKnight Twitter chat with Mark Luckie. Tweet must have #NPRKnight in it.

2) Create a public Twitter list. Tweet a link to it to @NPRKnight. Tweet must have #NPRKnight in it.

3) Tweet a photo from in your newsroom or in the field while reporting. Tweet or Instagram photo should have #NPRKnight in it.

TIP: If you don't want to have #NPRKnight in your original Tweet or photo for these tasks, share a second Tweet with a link to the original. Include #NPRknight in the second Tweet. However, the original must still take place within the contest time period

4) Tweet the story idea you find for week 2 of the social media training's assignment. Tweet must have #NPRKnight in it.

5) Tweet a link to a story from another station that is in the #NPRKnight training that you find interesting. Tweet must have #NPRKnight in it. Mention the reporter or station's Twitter handle if possible in your tweet.

Bonus: Tweet a "Curiosity Stimulator" story after attending week 3 of social media training. Tweet must have #NPRKnight in it.

The Prizes:

Yes, there are real prizes for those of you who win the scavenger hunt. A winner will be selected in four categories:

Gold Star Award: The individual who completes the scavenger hunt and is a gold star example of using Twitter in a useful, engaging and smart way to make their work better.

Newcomer Award: An individual who is fairly new to Twitter, completes the scavenger hunt, and exemplifies Twitter's usefulness as a tool for reporting and engagement.

Wildcard Award: An individual who completes all or some of the scavenger hunt and uses Twitter well. This wildcard is wide open to experimental or interesting uses of Twitter in the next three weeks that we may not even have in mind. Go forth and have fun for this one!

Station Award: This award will be rewarded to a station in this #NPRKnight training that has the best overall showing in the scavenger hunt, as judged by the NPR Digital News Trainers.

#NPRKnight Contest Frequently Asked Questions:

But I've Never Used Twitter - Can I Still Do This?

Don't worry -- that's why we are holding this contest. We're here to answer any questions. Email them or tweet them with the hashtag #NPRKnight. Learn some "Twitter 101" tips here.

Can I Use My Station Account to Participate?

No. We are judging by individual accounts. By "individual" we mean the Twitter account that is tied to you specifically, not your station or show account.

I'm Confused About One of the Scavenger Hunt Tasks - What Do I Do?

Email Teresa Gorman at or tweet to #NPRKnight. I'll answer any questions and walk participants through how to complete the task in question.

What Will I Win?

You'll see!

We've had impressive showings in past Twitter contests. Check out the winners from Spring 2013.