How St. Louis Public Radio Doubled Their Online Audience

Feb 22, 2012

Madalyn Painter from St. Louis Public Radio recently shared some impressive numbers around their digital audience growth over the past year for their website and audio streams.

Comparing this January to last, our number of unique visitors to the site has increased by 90 percent. Additionally, the number of people listening to our online streams has more than doubled.

Painter attributes the success to their focus on frequent online news updates and leveraging Core Publisher’s design strength in putting user needs ahead of all else.

The newer design puts our visitors’ needs first in that its main function is to deliver content—not content promoting the station, but our award-winning regional news coverage and programming.

At Digital Services, we have found that station websites without a news-first approach usually see the majority of traffic going to program schedules, listen live pages and other content that supports and promotes the radio listener experience. Some listeners definitely seek out this information, but with this as a primary focus of the website, stations will struggle to grow online audience and won’t capture the kind of larger market share that other online news providers command.

Since the change to the website, for the first time we saw our news stories among the top-ten most-viewed pages on the site.

We know that it’s not an easy transition for stations to invest in frequent news publishing and put it above pure promotion on the website. Hat’s off to St. Louis  for making the commitment and sticking with it. We’ll join you in watching the numbers and looking how they compare with our other member stations as part of our new analytics efforts.

Read Madalyn's whole post here