How To: Use Tags Effectively

Dec 10, 2013

A tag can be a word, proper noun, or phrase. Tags have several uses on your site:

  • They are crawled by Google, so the better your tags are, the more your site will be search engine optimized.
  • They are used to create Topic pages.
  • Terms that you tag your post with appear at the bottom of each post, and link to a 
dynamic aggregate page of all posts with that tag.

Here are a few tips for effectively using and managing your tags:

  • Develop guidelines with your team around what tags you are going to use for common topics for better organization.
  • Consider what people will be searching for online when creating tags. 


    Headline – “Bonham Warrior football All-District Selections”

    Weak Tag – Bonham

    Strong Tags – Bonham Warriors, Bonham High School, High School Football 
  • Tags are case-sensitive and spelling matters when adding tags to a post. In addition, multiple tags for the same topic will not be automatically consolidate into one tag, so make sure to manually organize your tags to easily connect your web visitors with more content and drive traffic to other parts of your site. 
 “President” is not the same as “president”, “President Obama” or “Obama”. 
    Your team should decide which tags should be used on posts that are referring to the President, and only use those. 

  • Adding Related Content to your post connects readers to other posts on your site that they may be interested in, based on the content of the post that you are creating. It also encourages your online visitors to explore your site’s content. You can add both related posts, programs and topics to a post.
  • For example, if you are writing a post about the start of the construction of a new local dam, you could add links to other posts that you have published in past about community action groups reacting to the approval of the contract and the development of the building plan. These posts will show up at the bottom of the post page in a horizontal bar with images, headlines and links to the full post page.