HTTPS Transition: 95% Podcast Listening in NPR One Now Secure

Jul 24, 2017

Over the past few months, we've been actively working on our HTTPS transition for streams and podcasts and we're thrilled to report 95% of all podcast listening in NPR One is now secure. 

Thanks to the massive effort from our station community, we are confident that we can complete the transition by the end of this summer.

On August 31, we will remove all insecure podcasts and streams from NPR One, and the NPR News App. 

This important next step will lead to secure products that are no longer at risk to be rejected by platforms instituting HTTPS as a requirement such as Apple and Amazon. It will also mean safer browsing and better protection against malicious intent.

We've shared personalized roll-up reports with all stations, and each of these reports will update as digital leads make their changes in StationConnect.

In the meantime, don't delay contacting your podcast and streaming providers if you have not yet done so! We'll be removing insecure podcasts and streams by August 31.