Ideas for Finding and Acquiring Photos Online [VIDEO]

Nov 1, 2012

NPR reporter David Welna snaps a photo while on assignment in Cleveland, Ohio.
Credit Courtesy Brian Bull

In this webinar, we reviewed different strategies for finding and acquiring images for your site and social media.

Included in the webinar are questions to ask yourself before choosing a photo, six strategies to build your photo library, and three common myths about photo online use. Have a question about the resources here? Email Teresa at

Questions to ask before choosing and publishing a photo:

  • Think of the visuals from the beginning of your reporting: what is the best way to represent your story visually?
  • Can I argue the editorial relevance of the image?
  • Do captions add editorial relevance to the image? They should not be used to justify the use of the image.
  • Does the photo follow my journalism principles? A webinar attendee suggested reading through the National Press Photographer Association's Code of Ethics if your station does not have one.

6 Strategies to Build Your Photo Library:

Three Common Myths About Photo Use Debunked:

  • It's okay to use anything that's online as long as I give credit, because it is public. FALSE
  • It's okay to use something if I asked for permission and didn't get a response, or don’t know who took a photo. FALSE
  • It's okay to use anything as long as I'm not making any money off of it. FALSE


Finding and Acquiring Photos from NPR Digital Services on Vimeo.

Highlights (with video timestamp)

  • 5:20 The questions to ask before using a photo
  • 9:05 How to create a photo library/archive
  • 21:00 Using Flickr to find Creative Commons photos
  • 25:55 searching for photos on
  • 42:30 Tools for verifying photos online


Finding and Acquiring Photos from nprdigital