Improved Audio Processing in Posts and Use of Primary Images via the NPR API

Mar 14, 2013

The following updates were made to Core Publisher this week:

Audio Fix

We have expanded the group of stations testing a fix to improve the processing of audio in posts. The fix is now live on Michigan Radio, State of Opportunity, WWNO, WBFO, WRTI, KBIA, and KCUR (Thank You!)

Thanks to the real-world testing by these stations we uncovered and fixed a defect in the update causing audio to break on aggregation pages such as category, program and topic pages.

We have uncovered an additional defect that occasionally causes the "add | edit" text to temporarily appear in place of the audio file on the public view of posts. We will be fixing this defect before rolling the audio update out to all sites.


Very occasionally, there can be an error that prevents audio to fully process and upload to our CDN (Content Delivery Network) when a post is published. If this error occurs, the system does not re-attempt to send the audio file to our CDN, and audio on the post cannot be played.

This update will allow the system to automatically repeat its attempt to deliver the audio file to the CDN until it is successful.

Additional Updates

  • RSS links now open in new windows, including:
    • Links to subscribe to RSS in the right rail.
    • Links in the RSS Block on the Modular Homepage
  • Primary Images will now display properly on stories pulled from one Core Publisher site to another via the API.
  • The content import tool now pulls in tags and slideshows Updates to the Composer 2 system in development now supported in Core Publisher (KUNC is helping us beta test:

Defects Addressed

  • Auto-complete field for adding content to the Featured Content Block only displays posts and pages. Previously, links to content that could not be featured in the block would also appear.
  • Small images placed inline in posts will no longer be stretched.
  • Images in related content links are no longer pixelated