Inside/Out: A Day with Maine Public Broadcasting Network

Feb 29, 2016

On January 21, a Justin Brown, Bina Zafar, and Adam Kiryk from NPRDS traveled to Maine to visit the Lewiston offices of the Maine Public Broadcasting Network, a joint-licensee that produces for both radio and television — and the web. We learned a lot, met a bunch of talented people, and returned feeling very happy about the whole experience. And not just because we’d been given nice new MPBN mugs!

The Digital Team

Although MPBN has offices in Portland and Bangor as well, we visited Lewiston because it’s the base for their Digital Media team. This team, led by Robert Holt, is responsible for creating digital content, managing various web properties, and driving digital strategy for the organization. They also create a daily podcast — This Day In Maine — and various video shorts for television and online distribution.

One of the highlights of our visit was getting the chance to observe members of the digital team going about their normal business of working with a couple DS products, Core Publisher and Composer 2. As of now, MPBN maintains two distinct web properties, a Core Publisher site for news and a separate site for promotions, pledge drives, and other station communications. However, they are beginning the process of moving everything into Core Publisher to gain the benefits of a single, consistent workflow — and also, according to Rob Holt, to take advantage of the persistent player and the responsive theme.

Rob Holt (right) gives a tour of MPBN's television studio.

In addition, we toured the television studio, which has a ton of potential but is underutilized for the time-being. We talked about membership, which is going strong with about 46,000 people. And we talked about some of the ways MPBN is thinking about expanding their digital audience — for example, with a more streamlined social strategy.

Check out MPBN’s Core Publisher site, listen to their live streams (they have two), and check out their podcast, This Day In Maine. Thanks MPBN for a great visit!