Inside/Out: A Day with WAMC/Northeast Public Radio

May 17, 2016

(Left to right) Alan Chartock, Asli Binal, Ashleigh Kinsey, Patrick Garrett, Jackie McBride, Michael Fussell, Rakiesha Chase-Jackson, Justin Brown.

WAMC/Northeast Public Radio, headquartered in Albany, New York, is a public radio network serving parts of seven northeastern states. On March 9, Rakiesha Chase-Jackson, Asli Binal, Michael Fussell, Jackie McBride and Justin Brown, all from NPR Digital Services (DS), paid WAMC a visit to spend some time with their team as part of our Inside/Out Project.

Digital Service’s Inside/Out Project was launched to learn more about the day-to-day operations inside the offices of NPR Member stations. We want to deepen our understanding of what it’s like for the people who work at a station to use our products. To this end, we had the good fortune to spend 2-3 hours with a few members of the WAMC team for a great conversation.

Inside the Linda, WAMC's Performing Arts Studio

After a full tour of WAMC’s facilities which include their one-of-a-kind performing arts studio, The Linda, we sat down with Alan Chartock, Ashleigh Kinsey and Patrick Garrett to talk shop. They filled our team in on their experiences with the DS product suite and offered valuable feedback regarding how to improve some functionality and workflows. This was especially helpful as we dug into details and examples of some of their pain points when it came to using DS tools. We then transitioned into discussing some of WAMC’s exciting ideas and upcoming initiatives in the digital landscape, along with ways DS could more effectively support their efforts.

Lastly, we spent some time sharing ideas and observations around streaming, social media, underwriting, data visualization, and membership. With a smart and dedicated team like theirs, WAMC is poised to continue delivering a strong digital experience that serves their communities well. 

The visiting DS team had a great time, learned a ton, and hopes to continue improving our own services so that we can keep supporting member stations like WAMC!

More on The Linda

The Linda, WAMC’s performing arts studio, is located across the street from WAMC’s headquarters in Albany, New York. The building and neighborhood have an interesting history that we learned about during our tour of the facility. To learn more about The Linda, click here.

A special thanks, for their time and hospitality, to:

Alan Chartock, President and CEO

Ashleigh Kinsey, New Media Administrator

Patrick Garrett, Morning Edition Producer and National Productions Coordinator