Integrating SAS Tags and Composer 2 into Core Publisher Sites

May 22, 2013

The following updates were made to Core Publisher this week:

Station Analytics System

Core Publisher stations are now ready to move over to SAS tracking. We will be moving stations to SAS tracking over the next few days. Along with this comes some additional data in Google Analytics, namely author, tag, and keyword popularity. And much more to come. Stay tuned.

Please note: because we are now pulling data differently, there will be a lag in data going to the right rail's Most Active Block and the analytics dashboard's Top Posts. These sections of your site will go away for a short period, depending on the number of pageviews your site receives. Rest assured, they will return in a timely manner.

Composer 2 and Core Publisher

Over the last few months we have integrated Composer 2 data into Core Publisher. Playlists, schedules, the Now Playing Block, and Listen Live in the header can pull data from Composer 2. We will begin onboarding Core Publisher stations to Composer 2 in June. Look out for an invite to trainings!

Additional Updates

  • You can now add 1400x1400 custom podcast images.
  • To minimize post saving troubles, we are now adding underscores to filenames that have spaces in them.
  • We are now pushing people to the API even when they have special characters in their names.