Introducing eMarketer Research Access for NPR Member Stations

Oct 14, 2015

NPR Digital Services is pleased announced a partnership giving NPR Member Stations access to eMarketer Research - an industry leading research firm, providing data, insights and perspective for marketing in a digital world.

Any employee of an NPR Member Station with a station email address can get full access.

More information and the NPR Member sign-up link is available on

What is eMarketer?

The eMarketer website is a comprehensive online resource for research, trends and insights on a variety of industries including media, digital marketing, and commerce.

Resources available from eMarketer include research reports, articles, charts, forecasts, interviews and case studies on a wide variety of topics, inlcuding:

  • Listening trends: reach, time spent listening, etc.
  • News consumption by channel
  • Broadcast and digital ad spending
  • Podcast data
  • Millennials research
  • Social media usage
  • Online donation trends
  • And much more

The system allows users to set up custom searches and email alerts for new research on topics of interest, and NPR Member stations have full access to training and support from eMarketer.

Full terms and conditions around eMarketer access are availalbe in the NPR DS Master Services Agreement.