Introduction to Google Analytics Segmentation (Video)

Feb 14, 2014

If you weren't able to join our live training webinar on February 6th, 2014 you can now watch the video or download the slides on  The session included an overview of segmentation and examples of how to build visit and user segments for a few key site activities.

Here a few suggestions to get you started by building segments around or two most important activities: listening and reading.

Visits that include stream listening ("Streaming  Audio Visits") -  A Visit that includes your streaming page or player. If you don't have a streaming page you may need to use a visit that includes a streaming event.

For example, if your station has a popup player and a page with an embedded player you'll want to select any visit that includes either of those pages by setting up an filter as follows.  

Filter Visits include:
Page: Contains "/media/stream_player/popup_stream.php"
Page: Contains "/listen"

Visitors who have listened to a stream  ("Streaming  Listeners") -  A Visitor who as completed the same steps as above. An easy shortcut to create this is to copy the "Streaming Audio Visits" filter that you just created, by clicking on the "cog" icon in the upper right corner of the segment tile to expose the menu.  In the menu select copy then change the dropdown from "visits" to "visitors."  Be sure to update the name of your new segment before saving.

Visits that include a news article  ("News Reading Visits") -  A Visit that includes a post page or news article. 

For Core Publisher Stations it would look like this:
Filter Visits include:
Page: matches regex "VpostV|VmobileV[0-9]*V|VwebclipV"

Visitors who have read a news article ("News readers") -  A Visitor who has completed the same steps as "News Reading Visits", copy that filter, and change "visits" to "visitors" then update the name and save.

Other Helpful Resources:
In addition to building segments for your key activities, it is also helpful to use the built-in site goals in Google Analytics. For a refresher on why you need goals please read more about how goals add value to reports, then read a step by step guide.

Here a couple of additional resource if you need more information about working with segments:
Google's video introduction to segments.  
Justin's Cutroni's step by step directions