Join the NPR Stations Twitter Chat Thursday, August 14th

Aug 8, 2014

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Come join us for the first all-station Twitter chat under the hashtag #NPRChats on Thursday, August 14 from 1-2 p.m. ET.

#NPRChats is an informal way for NPR Digital Services to talk with and answer questions from our Member Stations about a different topic or theme each month.

This month we're talking about the new responsive theme on Core Publisher. NPR Digital Services Core Publisher Product Owner Erin Teare-Martin, who has lead the redesign, and KBIA Content Director Austin Federa will be on the chat to answer all of your questions. Submit those questions beforehand by tweeting them with the hashtag #NPRChats or sending an email to

Haven't participated in a Twitter chat before? Read the FAQ below to find out how to join. recently launched the new Core Publisher.

What is a Twitter Chat?

A Twitter chat is a conversation about a specific topic, usually at a specific time. There are annual chats about everything from web journalism to agriculture. Organizations often use Twitter to hold one-time chats about specific topics, have Q+A's, discuss news series, and much more.

How do I join in?

Twitter chats are organized around specific hashtags. Our hashtag is #NPRChats. Make sure to include #NPRChats in all your tweets about the chat before, during and after.

I already know what questions I want to ask. Is there any way to ask them before Thursday?

Yes! If you already have ideas you want to discuss or questions you want to make sure are answered tweet them to us at @NPRDS with the #NPRChats hashtag before Thursday, and we will make sure that they are addressed. 

How do I follow a hashtag?

There are several ways to follow a hashtag. (Most of these work from mobile, so you can join from anywhere.)

  • Search for #NPRChats on Twitter.
  • Use tools like TweetChat
  • Follow the discussion here:

    How do I not annoy my followers when I tweet a lot during a Twitter chat?

    Start your tweets with @NPRDS (or another username) so that only people who follow both you and that user will see the tweets in their feeds.

    Questions? Tweet at us or send us an email