KPBS & the Filner Files, KBIA explains CoMo and Training Updates

Oct 16, 2013

With fall in the air and news training on our minds, this month we launched the second round of the Local Stories Project, completed the sixth session of Knight Training and visited KMUW for a week of on-site instruction. We would love to hear what’s keeping you busy this fall, send us an email, or say hi on Twitter.

Station Spotlight

KPBS broke the story of San Diego Mayor Bob Filner resigning after several women came forward with allegations of sexual harassment. KPBS covered the story as it unfolded over several weeks. See their “Filner Files” coverage, including an interactive timeline to put the story in context. The hard work paid off, five of the Filner stories made Digital Services’ top 20 list for July, receiving more than 161,000 pageviews. KPBS Senior News Editor Mark Sauer explains how they broke the story.

Hosts Scott Pham and Ryan Famuliner have an ease of conversation and subtle chemistry that make the CoMo Explained podcast a delightful listen. Imagine overhearing a conversation at a cafe and then joining in to talk about a recent invention that’s made so many outdoor farmers markets possible (including two markets within a half-mile of each other), or how local taxes work.

 Scott and Ryan also engage their community by asking folks on Reddit what topics they want explored about Columbia.

The Local Stories Project welcomes a new group of stations next week. Digital editors from each station will take part in a four-week training bootcamp. An announcement on which stations were selected will be available on the Digital Services website early next week. Learn more about the Local Stories Project here.

Credit Teresa Gorman/NPR

On-Site Training at KMUW 

Kim Perry and Teresa Gorman visited KMUW in Wichita, Kansas for a week of on-site training. The training focused on creating stories for both online and radio audiences from the beginning of the reporting process. The news team worked together to brainstorm new ways and angles to cover stories for their local community.