KPCC's Breaking News Coverage Crosses Platforms and Training Updates

Jun 24, 2013

The days may be slowing down with the onset of summer, but news training is in full swing. Last month, we ended our fourth round of Knight training at the same time as we started our fifth; We conducted on-site training with KUT in Austin, and expanded our Local Stories Project.

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Stations’ Breaking News Coverage Crosses Platforms

KPCC proved itself a formidable force in breaking news during a shooting in Santa Monica that claimed six lives, including the shooter. The violence spread over several blocks and into the Santa Monica College campus. KPCC updated the fast-moving story with coverage from their reporters, photographers and producers. They then followed up with a timeline of the events, stories of the shooting victims and the college’s graduation the following week.

 KPCC's news team has previous experience in covering this kind of story. Earlier this year, when Christopher Dorner, a former police officer who targeted and killed police officers, was on the loose for several days in Southern California, KPCC was all over the story. In other station news, KUNC began its wildfire coverage this year with a prototype template that has a live blog, Storify, Twitter lists, maps and user-generated photos. Let’s not forget last year when Colorado experienced the most destructive fire in the state’s history – High Park Fire. 

Training Updates

KUNM gathers to participate in a weekly webinar as part of NPR Knight Training.
Credit Elaine Baumgartel

Boise State Public Radio, KUNM, Northwest Public Radio, WEKU, WFDD, WFIU, WFYI, WNPR, Wisconsin Public Radio and West Virginia Public Broadcasting are half way through their 11-weeks of Knight Training. They have participated in sessions on analytics and understanding the digital audience, writing for the web, headlines and workflow.

Want to follow along or chime in? Say hi on Twitter using the hashtag #NPRKnight.

On-site training with KUT
We visited the KUT newsroom in June for a week-long training that focused on content and story planning. The news and host teams presented their yearlong plans to focus on their specific issues within their beat— politics, city, education, energy and environment. 

Local Stories Project 

Credit Kim Perry

More than a year ago we launched an experiment using NPR’s Facebook page. It was our first attempt at finding a wider audience for local stories, grow audience and make stations stronger in their communities. Participating stations include WXPN, KUER, Boise State Public Radio, KALW, KPLU, WBUR, KQED, KUT, KPCC, KUNC, KUOW, WAMU, WLRN, OPB, WHYY’s NewsWorks, WFPL News, Michigan Radio, St. Louis Public Radio, KTOO, MPR News, WESA and KCUR.

Interested in participating? In the fall, we’ll launch another application round.  Stay tuned for the announcement, but in the meantime, here are some things we’re learning from stations in the project – lessons you can put to work right now on your station’s Facebook page.

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