Launch of the New NPR One Dashboards in Station Analytics

Aug 12, 2019

The new NPR One dashboards - for the content you put into the NPR One iOS and Android Apps - provide you with the metrics and insights you need to make better curatorial and editorial decisions about your audio reporting and storytelling. The detailed content performance data we now have in Station Analytics is more actionable than any audio performance data we've been able to provide to you before.

We are excited to get these new reports into your hands and to hear how your station puts the data to use.

What's New

In short: everything. The previous version of these dashboards displayed two simple graphs that gave an overview of audience growth and engagement for NPR One users localized to your station, along with a list of the most listened to stories, newscasts, and podcasts for your local audience. We have built on those basic foundational reports adding in new high-value reach and engagement metrics as well as a series of graphs and tables that allow you to answer more questions about your local audience's experience on NPR One. We hope this new data gives you deeper insights into the performance of your content on NPR One and helps inform your curatorial and editorial decisions both for digital platforms, like NPR One, as well as for broadcast.

Below is a highlight of the new features we're launching. If you're interested in finding out more about what you can learn from these new dashboards, read this post from Tamar Charney and Emily Barocas on the NPR One Editorial Team.

Big Numbers

Across all of the new reports, we focus on the metrics that help you understand your listeners' engagement with your content on NPR One. These metrics change depending on which report you're viewing, but the information they provide is largely the same: how many people are listening to your content and for how long?

Inspired by the Public Media Metrics that Matter framework, we've brought these key performance indicators front and center, making them large easy-to-understand numbers. We also provide the difference – as a percent change – compared to the previous time period selected to help you understand whether your audience is growing and if they are becoming more engaged over time.

Content Charts

Similar to the Audio Downloads reports, the new NPR One dashboards include a variety of charts that show how specific types of content – such as your station newscasts, story segments and podcast episodes – are performing on the NPR One iOS and Android apps.

One of the interesting and powerful new metrics on these tables is "Average Completion versus Expected" (ACvE). This metric takes into account the duration of an audio piece to calculate whether the listening completion rate for the story is above or below what would normally be expected. It allows you to easily compare stories of different lengths to help determine which stories your audience reacted most favorably to. You can read more about ACvE and the other new metrics in the NPR One dashboards here.


Each report features new graphs to further explore your content performance. These graphs will show you metrics like how your audience reach is changing over time, when people are listening, and how long they listen. We are especially excited to share two new data visualizations of your station newscasts. These two graphs – one for weekdays and one for weekends – display which hours during the day your audience is hearing your newscasts. Understanding when your audience is listening can help you meet the demand for fresh content by having updated newscasts and story segments available in NPR One at peak listening times.

How to Learn More

These are just some highlights of the features you'll find on the new NPR One reports. On August 21, we will be hosting a webinar open to all stations to walk you through the reports. If you're attending the Public Radio Content Conference later this month or Digital Day at ONA in September, you can also join the NPR One Editorial Team and NPR Audience Insights team for an in-person demonstration of the new reports.

Behind the Scenes

These new dashboards are built on the same technology that powers the Audio Downloads dashboards we launched last fall. You're welcome to read about that launch here, which provides some more details about the technology behind these dashboards.

How to Access the Dashboards

If you're new to the Station Analytics tool and would like to get access to the NPR One Dashboards, you can get started by registering for a new account here.

For existing users, you will find the dashboards under the NPR One tab located in the top menu next to Audio Downloads.


Visit our help center for new how-to articles, including a detailed walkthrough of how to use the new reports. You can also reach out to our Station Support team with questions by submitting a ticket.