Local Stories Project Launches a Homepage and Twitter Account

Sep 3, 2014

Credit Russ Gossett / NPR Digital Services

In October 2011, we experimented with one Member Station and a Facebook feature that allows pages to geotarget stories to cities and states. In 2013, that small experiment grew into the Local Stories Project, a collaboration between NPR Digital Services and 33 member stations to create interesting, shareable stories about towns, cities, states and regions.

Today we're excited to announce the next chapter of the Local Stories Project: A public-facing homepage, new social platforms and three new stations. 

Here's what we're launching:

-A brand new homepage for the project: local.npr.org. On this site, you'll find a curated list of interesting stories from towns, cities, states and regions across the country. The stories are created by station reporters, editors, bloggers and web producers.  

–A Twitter account: @nprlocal. This account will automatically tweet the latest stories from the project.

–You can now follow the project on Tumblr: Our homepage is built on the blogging platform, so you can get all of the stories from this project by following us.

–New stations: WBEZ, Colorado Public Radio and WUNC are joining. We're thrilled to bring these three stations into the project. The addition of WBEZ, CPR and WUNC brings the Local Stories Project to 36 stations in 32 states

These features are most exciting because they put interesting station stories into new platforms. This will allow more people to find and share them.

Here's a list of the stations in the Local Stories Project.


The Local Stories Project is run by the Editorial Coaching and Development team's Teresa GormanKi Sung and Eric Athas. Send your questions to us on Twitter @nprlocal or send the Editorial Coaching and Development team a note at coaching@npr.org.

Create a Local Stories Project paper airplane

Want your very own Local Stories Project paper airplane, like the one below? Here's a printable paper airplane with instructions. Fold it and tweet us a photo @nprlocal.

The Local Stories Project airplane prepares for launch.
Credit Kasia Podbielski / NPR