Local Stories Project Status Update

May 3, 2018

In 2013, NPR launched the Local Stories Project. This is a collaboration in which station colleagues are invited to pitch stories to NPR with the goal of them being shared on NPR's Facebook page. Since its inception, this project has provided NPR and stations with an innovative way to collaborate, learn, and promote local journalism to new audiences.

Recently, NPR has decided to put the Local Stories Project on hold to be re-evaluated in Fall 2018, upon which we hope to restart the program.

While this decision was months in the making, it was accelerated by the recent change to Facebook that prevents unauthorized domains from posting on behalf of each other.

The implications for this are as follows:

  • Stations can still pitch stories to amplify.nprstations.org, but no stories will be accepted and published to NPR's Facebook page. At this time, we advise not pitching any content to Amplify, as it won't be seen by our editorial team
  • Any stories pitched will get minimal, if any, feedback from NPR editors until the Local Stories Project is restarted

The Local Stories Project has been immensely successful for growing and engaging station and NPR audiences. It has taught us a lot about the role of local and national content in the public radio ecosystem, and we look forward to forging new collaborations and relationships with the participating stations.

Additionally, we encourage anyone currently engaged in the Amplify project to join our NPR Station Social group on Facebook, where social and editorial best practices can be discussed.