Lots of buzz around the 'Infinite Player'

Nov 17, 2011

Our announcement earlier this week of the launch of an experimental audio player – we’re calling it Infinite Player – has attracted quite a bit of notice in media and tech circles.

There was a write-up on the Nieman Journalism Lab blog, which wrote, “It might be a perfect match for the Internet-connected car — and evidence the network is thinking more like a digital start-up.” And another on Read Write Web.  We’ve also received over a hundred suggestions for improvements – exactly what we were seeking.

The idea, as we noted before, is to create a one-button digital listening experience that reflects the simplicity of radio but takes advantage of digital innovations. There are currently three station versions of the player (KQED, Michigan Public Radio and KPLU) , which incorporate local content from those stations. And we’re encouraging others who have segmented and timely audio content in the API to participate.

The goal right now is not to introduce this as a product (you won’t find it on the NPR website or in any of our apps) but rather to get enough folks testing it to see whether the algorithms work and whether it delivers a meaningful radio experience.

For those who may have missed it, you can find a fuller description of the project here: http://n.pr/vdOifK.