Michigan Radio on Facebook, Knight Foundation Conference Project Highlights and ICYMI

Apr 23, 2014

In this month’s newsletter, you’ll hear about how Michigan Radio maintains an active and engaging Facebook page, highlights from station projects from our final Knight Foundation conference and take a peek into WNPR Executive Producer Catie Talarski's digital life. Whose digital life do you want to hear from next? Email kpodbielski@npr.org with suggestions 

Why Michigan Radio Lets 26 Staffers Post to Their Facebook Page
Succeeding on Facebook isn't an easy task. Your station posts are competing with every other post from every other page that your fan has liked. We asked Michigan Radio senior reporter/producer Mark Brush a few questions about how they have cultivated an active community on their Facebook page. Here's what he had to say. 

Final Knight Training 
We hosted 19 stations at our final round of Knight Foundation funded training last month. Stations worked on projects that focused on harnessing their audience to tell better stories and connect with their community. Here are a few highlights:

KUT’s On My Block 

Austin will hold elections this year for its 10 newly drawn districts. To tell this story from the perspective of locals, KUT launched its "On My Block" project, which asks Austinites to answer one simple question: what's the one thing that would make life better on your block? The project focuses on the city's District One and curates responses via voicemail, Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter. 

WNPR Explores Connecticut’s Polish Community

New Britain, Connecticut is home to the largest Polish immigrant community in New England with deep roots in the old country and new. WNPR sought out stories within the community and brought them together for the Polish Stories Project on Tumblr. The staff explored archival photographs, prominent community members and the local businesses that have made this unique area flourish over several generations.

In Case You Missed It
Here’s a summary of a few things we highlighted on our blog or found interesting this month: