Migrating to Composer 2!

Aug 2, 2013

Calling all Composer Pro Users! We are excited to improve your schedule and playlist experience by upgrading your station to Composer 2 now. 

After releasing Composer 2 in May, we received valuable feedback from stations about feature expectations and concerns with the on boarding process that informed how we should approach working with our station partners.  We know your time is important, and we appreciate the thoughts, questions, and concerns you have shared with us along the way.  Your feedback has helped define our priorities around features giving us a clearer timeline to align with our migration process. In a true collaborative partnership, we have come up with a new migration plan and are ready to move forward! With your partnership we hope to have all existing Composer Pro users migrated to Composer 2 by the end of November.

We have four migration timelines/cycles that we have created with coordinated station format types and feature updates in mind.   Your station will need to commit to a migration cycle and a total of 6 hours to the migration project, two hours per week.  If you feel your station is ready to move forward now, or in an earlier cycle than  suggested below, we will be happy to schedule your station into a cycle that works best for you. We hope to meet your needs and migrate stations as efficiently as possible.  Contact your Station Relations Manager or email info@ds.npr.org


Cycle 1 - News (No Playlists) - Start August 5 – Week of August 26th
Cycle 2 - News/Mix (Minimal Playlists) Start August 26  – Week of September 16
Cycle 3 - Music/Non Classical ( Mostly Playlists) - Start September 16 – Week of October 7
Cycle 4 - Music/Classical (Mostly Playlists) - Start Week of October 7 – October 28th


On August 1st, 2013 Lou Paniccia, Product Owner, and Janeen Williamson, Station Support Manager, conducted a webinar to discuss Composer 2.:

    Station Feedback and Survey Results
    What We Learned From Stations during the May Rollout
    The New Approach To Migrate all current Composer Pro users to Composer 2

Watch it again here: