MPR Knows Its Cold, NHPR Ups Its Engagement & Training Updates

Jan 15, 2014

Hello and Happy New Year! We are looking forward to the busy year ahead of us. This month, we are preparing for another round of webinars and our last Knight funded conference. As always, we also are looking forward to highlighting your station success stories and providing an inside look at the digital lives of our public media colleagues. Do you have a New Year’s resolution for your station? Tweet @NPRDS with your plan, or email more than 140-characters to

Station Spotlight 
Minnesota Public Radio Knows Its Cold

Credit MPR News
Cold weather is something Minnesotans are used to, but the polar vortex in early January took things to a whole new level. MPR's weather coverage did well with the local audience, especially on the day Minnesota was colder than (some parts of) Mars. It helps that the station has a chief meteorologist to explain weather phenomenon in detail, like the rare "snownado" that touched down over Lake Superior. That post got the attention of the popular science and entertainment blog i09. MPR also explained the unusual occurrence Minnesotans would see over the sky that looks like three suns. People love to talk about the weather.

New Hampshire Ups Its Engagement

We sat down with NHPR Digital Director Rebecca Lavoie to talk about their recent efforts to drive engagement to their site. Here’s a highlight:

When someone clicks on a story link and lands on our site, we want them to stick around. Most users don’t. But a small percentage do. What causes them to stay longer? Our compelling content. Most blogs and news websites use related content to try to keep the audience around a little longer: “If you liked reading this story about apples, we think you may enjoy these other stories we have about apples.” Read the rest of the interview here.

Training Update
Final Knight Training 
We are excited to host 19 stations for our final round of Knight funded training next month. These stations will participate in a five-week project-based program that focuses on harnessing your audience to tell better stories and connect with your community. 

What the Latest Mobile Trends Are for NPR Member Stations

Month after month, we’ve been seeing tremendous audience growth coming to our sites from mobile devices.  If you have ever wondered how mobile users get to your site or what the best platform is for growing new audience, then you'll want to set aside 10 minutes to watch this presentation from Michelle Bellettiere, senior manager of digital analytics at Digital Services.